Roslyn Grafstein has been an active resident in Madison Heights since moving here over 15 years ago. Since being elected to Council in 2017, she has been active bringing about environmental change and working to make our city more business friendly.

Endorsements Received

Since being elected to Council in 2017, Roslyn Grafstein has helped Madison Heights thrive as a community, bringing in new businesses that provide jobs and services for residents.

The Fitness Court in Huffman Park opened in June of 2021, a collaboration with our business partners.

If you have twenty minutes, grab a coffee as Mayor Grafstein presents the first virtual State of the City.

Please also take a moment to hear her remarks from the Memorial Day Service.

Roslyn Grafstein is a community advocate, volunteer, wife and mother dedicated to the healthy growth of Madison Heights and the neighboring communities. She has lived with her husband in Madison Heights since 2004 after moving from Toronto (Canada), and they are the proud parents of two daughters who attend school in the city. They chose to live and raise their family in Madison Heights because of its charm, affordability, location, safety, and friendly neighborhoods. She is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) with an Economics degree and broad base of experience working in investment management, wealth management and business development.

Roslyn Grafstein was first elected to Council in 2017. Since then, she has been the School City Liaison and the council representative for the Friends of Madison Heights Youth, Crime Commission, Youth Assistance and Madison Heights Community Coalition. She also revived the Environmental Citizen Committee (ECC) and was their council representative from the revival until her appointment to Mayor. In 2019, Grafstein was appointed to serve as Mayor Pro Tem, and in August 2020, she was appointed to Mayor. Since being elected to council in 2017, Grafstein has been active with the Michigan Municipal League (MML) and the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) and was appointed council representative for SEMCOG in 2019, a position she held until becoming Mayor in 2020.