November 25, 2019

Santa and Mrs. Claus came to Madison Heights

Waiting for Santa and Mrs. Claus

November 10, 2019

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November 9, 2019

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to support the Mens Club at their annual fundraising dinner. Final totals of money raised aren’t in yet but we collected a lot of toys for families in the city who may be struggling this holiday season.

November 5, 2019

Election night! Congratulations new council members Kymm Clark and Emily Rohrbach and congratulations to Councilman Robert Corbett (not pictured) on his re-election.

November 4, 2019

Tonight Councilman Robert Corbett joined me to talk with the Lessenger Robotics team about ADA accessible playgrounds in the city. They in turn presented their design idea for an ADA accessible slide.

November 3, 2019

This afternoon I attended another fundraising dinner at the American Islamic Community Center on Dequindre. The topic today was the Sterling Heights Safety and Roads millage renewal. Just like Madison Heights, their property tax revenue plummeted ten years ago. When the economy began to recover, the city’s taxable value was only allowed to grow back at the rate of inflation, regardless of how much property values increased. Like us, in years when the city’s values outpaced the rate of inflation, the city had been forced to roll back its tax millage. The Sterling Heights millage is expected to stay at about $15 a month per household.

I was not able to stay for the dinner and while I was waiting for a plate to go, I discussed my adopt-a-berm idea with a Madison Heights business owner. He wanted to know what his options are to plant flowers or take other steps to beautify the city land in front of his main street business.

October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

October 30 2019

It was a busy day in the city stopping off at noon to get a tour of BJs followed by their official ribbon. Next up, the retirement party for Margene Scott.

Councilman Bob Corbett, Mayor Brian Hartwell, Councilor Roslyn Grafstein, Councilman Bob Gettings honoring Councilwoman Margene Scott

October 24 2019

Tonight while my husband was out with Mens Club planning their dinner in a few weeks, I hung out with the Womens Club at the Annual Chamber Gala, Western Theme. Tickets to his MC dinner and our WC tea are still availale

Madison Heights Womens Club

October 17 2019

DDA, Parks and Rec, Planning Commission Master Plan meeting

As we begin the process to update our Master Plan, there will be more joint meetings between the various boards. While over the last two years I have attended several training sessions to help Madison Heights become a Redevelopment Ready Community and take advantage of Placemaking opportunities, after the meeting tonight I took it one step further and registered for the Citizen Planner program to help the city move along with our Master Planning update process.

October 15 2019

Tour at Civic Park with Clinton River Watershed Council, the Erb Foundation and Ralph Wilson Jr Foundation

On this crisp Fall morning I was on hand with our DPS Director to answer questions at the first stop of their bus tour. Thank you John Erb et al for funding the project and coming on the tour. We hope you come back in the Spring when the project is complete

October 13, 2019

Costume Swap!!

We asked all the local schools to participate and send a few volunteers to help. Tons of costumes were received and over twenty families stopped by take home a “new” costume with leftover costumes donated to the Central Church.

October 12, 2019

Another year another Fire Station Open and Breast Cancer awareness shirt!

October 6, 2019

It was a beautiful day to bike to the Red Oaks Nature Center for the Harvest Hoedown complete with a Trick or Treat trail, Hay ride and lots of fun for the whole family.

We found the llama!
Multiple angles and the llama still wouldn’t look at the camera

October 2, 2019

On October 2nd I participated in the Oakway Fire Ops 101 for elected officials. After going through five 20 minute scenarios including fighting a house fire and a car fire both in full gear including the oxygen tank; going on an EMS run and administering CPR in the back of an ambulance that was turning like crazy and changing into hazmat suits which are giant plastic onesies with a face mask, I was happy to end the training using the jaws of life to take off the roof of a car.

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Getting on the gear

September 27, 2019

2019 Oakway Fire OPS 101

September 27, 2019

I have spent the last three days in Detroit representing Madison Heights at the MML (Michigan Municipal League). I attended sessions on Human Trafficking, Electric Vehicles, the 2020 Census and affordable housing to name a few. I also represented the city along with the Arts Board for the Community Excellence Award. Thank you Arts Board Chair Kymm Clark for coming down and presenting your idea.

Roslyn Grafstein, Brenda Jones, Amy Aubry
Arts Board Presentation