January 24, 2020

Today a few hours after Councilwoman Clark and I attended our fifth EPS update at the EGLE offices in Warren, I had the opportunity to spend some time one on one with Governor Whitmer and we talked about the EPS site. If she didn’t know before our talk, she knows now that we are looking for support in our efforts to completely and permanently clean up the site.

She talked about reinstating the “polluters pay principle” and I suggested that procedural, administrative and communication changes within EGLE may help decrease the likelihood of something like this happening again.

During our conversation I let Governor Whitmer know what an amazing job Tracy Kecskemeti of EGLE has been doing this last month. From updating us weekly to testifying before the Appropriations committee, she has patiently answered our questions and acknowledged our frustrations. She is dedicated to getting us through this and making sure that Madison Heights is not forgotten.

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