January 10, 2020

This morning after Councilwoman Kymm Clark and I attended our third EGLE update in Warren, we met with Senator Jeremy Moss and State Representative Jim Ellison to don hard hats, protective eye wear and shoe coverings before taking a tour of the inside of EPS.

Today I along with Senator Moss and State Rep Ellison issued a press release. Here is my portion portion of the press release

“Over the last three weeks I have reached out to experts in the field from across the country, seeking their guidance and suggestions on what our next steps should be,” Mayor Pro Tem Grafstein said. “I heard the concerns of our residents and as a resident myself, I want solutions and action. Right now, our focus is on cleanup and ensuring the safety of our residents. We appreciate everything EGLE and the EPA are doing now to expedite testing with a goal for complete remediation. Everyone is aware that all eyes are now on us. Moving forward I hope the state and federal agencies will use this as an impetus to update their procedures and policies so that no other municipality will have to go through this. We are working with Senator Moss, Representative Ellison, EGLE and other agencies to coordinate a Public Briefing to address our questions and concerns.”