February 28, 2020

The theme of today was tools. It started at the State of the Cities where I was awarded a giant wrench and the Mayor talked about the different economic development tools we are using in the city.

At the State of the Cities, Councilwoman Kymm Clark and Councilor Emily Rorhbach joined the mayor and I to officially represented Madison Heights while Robert Wittenberg and Senator Jeremy Moss represented the State. It was a great show of teamwork which is also an important tool.

In the afternoon I attended an anti-bullying program at Lessenger and learned about the tools we have within us to stop bullying. It was a powerful presentation and afterwards I talked with Doug, the presenter about how important it is to educate our youth so that they don’t grow up to be adults who bully. Matthew was flexible while the group did some problem solving.

Heidi Doug and Roslyn discussing the importance of teaching our youth to not become adults who bully

Last up was the MML evening conference where Amy Aubry and I learned about some of the tools available to help with Municipal Finance. Emily and Mike joined other first timers in the Core class.