Promoting economic growth, safety, and community development throughout the City of Madison Heights.  


Community involvement and connecting with people in the community is important to me, and as a council member I am hoping to increase resident participation in all city decisions. I have been working on my campaign since summer 2016 because I am concerned by some of the decisions and roadblocks to progress that have been taken. I am running for city council to become a vital part of the team that finds solutions for the community. Residents need to know that the city is listening to what they want and hearing their concerns. It’s great that the city is updating its website, but communication isn’t just pushing buttons and scrolling through electronics. Our city officials need to be available to listen and act on resident concerns, while making sure that residents understand the financial and logistical constraints our city faces.


With an extensive work history in finance, a large part of my background and experience is in budget planning and research. These skills will be valuable around the council table. Big purchases and expenditures need to be properly vetted, and I firmly believe that you should not spend beyond your means. The interest and concerns of residents most directly impacted by council decisions must be taken into account before any money is spent pursuing new projects.  I believe strongly in transparency in government, meaning that government officials should act openly, with citizens’ knowledge of the decisions being made.


I am asking everyone in the community to take the initiative to be fully engaged in community projects and meetings. Our family is proof that it takes a village to raise a child. My husband and I have no family in the area, so we rely on each other and the village we are in to help raise our children. A large part of this is from our neighborhood. A strong neighborhood can help raise a child and provide safety, security and economic stability. I see Madison Heights as a city of neighborhoods. In August 2016, I attended a city Town Hall meeting to discuss the DDA (Downtown District Authority). Why is the DDA the only distinct neighborhood in Madison Heights? Many people here are not even aware we have a downtown. I would like to help create neighborhood districts and engage our residents to define and shape their neighborhoods.


Finally, we need to create opportunities for civic involvement. I would like to work with the high schools and post secondary schools in the city to actively seek out the opinions of young people. Let’s involve high school juniors and seniors in the city. I would like to work with local businesses to offer co-op programs specifically for student residents. Let’s use internships to connect with our young adults, to make them feel connected and want to stay. There are people in the city who are second and third generation. We need to ask why they stayed when others left. I’ve found people who left because they wanted larger houses and lots or were dissatisfied with our schools. But their biggest complaint after they move is that they do not know their neighbors. The families who stay do so because they feel connected to the community. We need to build on that community spirit to continually improve and revitalize our city.

Financial stability, quality infrastructure, and efficient services- these are all tied together and the challenge is finding the right balance. If we get it right, Madison Heights, Michigan will be a more desirable place to live and will attract more businesses and residents. I am not vying for a job here; I am offering my services. Based on my work experience, character, and integrity, I believe my services are needed. If you let me, I can be an integral part of the team to help solve problems. Together we can create and execute a smart vision for Madison Heights. I would be honored to serve in that capacity.